Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Show Me Your Tchotchkes

And I’ll show you a disillusioned agent.

I offered my head housekeeper a Safeway coupon and a car Kleenex caddy as “motivation†to answer the phone in a dignified manner. (I keep asking her to say “Mrs. Gabbalot’s residence†not “that cheap skank’s cribâ€). She laughed and said “What do you take me for? A travel agent?â€

And there you have it, Pumpkins.  We have to decide if we are business people or mindless kittens who jump at the sight of a little foofoo attached to a string. Granted, there is really nothing cuter than a little pussy batting a fluffy about – but it’s not going to pay the rent.

If most of you put yourselves in the ‘business’ category – suppliers aren’t hearing you. The money, effort, resources and overhead that go into making a better foofoo are staggering. Interestingly, ASTA recently published a study that indicates agents tend to book what’s best for their client. Go figure.

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