Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Go Fly A Kite

Laura Robin of the Ottawa Citizen reports that friendly, Ottawa founded, Go Travel, and their low fares for citizens far and wide, is shifting their product mix just a tad – you know, to keep up with consumer trending and such.  The article provides a list of all the goodies Go has in store for cold Canadians this winter. Oh, and a phone number. And a link to the website. You know, the usual “editorial†practices of a serious newspaper. 

Holy advertorial, Pumpkins! I know things are tough over at Canwest, but has the Ottawa Citizen sold its credibility for a cheap pool and Pina party? Ever heard of “Zoom†Laura, dahrling? Did you miss the “doing your homework†class at journalism school?

Funny thing is Canwest seems to have had an ongoing love affair with Zoom & Go Travel Direct…. here’s another gem. Kind of interesting, from a historical perspective… The Industry’s Bad Boy Is A Great Way To Fly

So, Laura, will you be providing equal exposure to hard-working, honest, retailers throughout the Ottawa valley who are actually registered to sell travel in the province of Ontario? I think they’d really appreciate it. They have 5-star hotels too. And cruises. But they generally avoid attempting to operate their own airline. Funny thing about that, it almost always ends with consumers stranded somewhere. But never you mind about that, dear, the important thing is “to pass those savings on to consumersâ€.

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