Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Booking Systems Got You Down?

Who do you trust? The quote on one system doesn’t match the other. Galileo Vacations is your confidante one minute. The next, it kicks you out. Or gives you the cold shoulder. You can’t confirm the quoted price. The supplier’s system is too complicated ‘cause the techies who designed don’t know ITC from band width. Byte me. To top it off, you now have to master everybody’s dynamic packaging gizmo.  Dynamite.

Dealing with the client people is hard enough. They always want something. It’s really rather annoying. [I know, I know, some of you love your clients. I can’t help you.] The point is, it’s completely over the top to expect us to deal with irrational machines to boot.

Personally, I’d toss them all in the recycling bin and get back on the phone with Mary and Suhana and Akim and all those thousands of warm blooded res agents who only hang up if you get really offensive.

Have I got the gist of it, Pumpkins?

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