Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

No News Here. Move Along.

It’s October 8th, and all’s well!

So far. No mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcies as of 8:37 a.m., Pumpkins. So while we wait for the other shoe to drop on a number of stories – why is Robbie coming out of retirement at this particular juncture; how tiresome Mottershead’s coy boy act is getting [dahrling, we love you, come out already]; will Jerry Springer be able to help the Carrolls – allow me to round up some non-Canadian travel shame.

Air India has some Galgal on its face this week after a scene right out of “Airplane†played out on an Airbus flying over Pakistan – two pilots flew out of the cockpit, duking it out at 30,000 feet. The entire crew got into trading punches in front of passengers – with no one flying the plane. Now that’s what I call an honest way to settle a beef.

All Nippon Airways is in the news for their attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by dropping unnecessary weight. They figure urine is heavy, so they are obliging passengers to pee before boarding. The shaming tactic seems to be working. Passengers don’t dare use the onboard facilities which are reserved for ‘emergencies’.

There. Now aren’t you thankful for our little scrapes and mishaps?

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