Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Stay Tuned….

What is happening around here? I feel like we’ve fallen into an “The Edge Of Flight†episode. I can’t keep up with all the drama.

First, we witness the Carroll clan split and divide. I really hate to see a good business bust up a kin thing. What does it all mean? Does Shane have a twin sister who’s really a man? Wait! Is it Chris Mottershead? Will  Jonathan wake up from a bad dream? A Carroll Christmas might be a bit tense this year. Haven’t the Irish suffered enough?

Then there’s the Hunter clan who today, conquer and merge. With TUI’s backing, they’ve consummated their relationship with rival Signature. Holy consolidation! Has Signature signed off? Will Stephen Hunter, Andrew Dawson, Colin Mitchell and Chris Mottershead all share an office? And why is TUI behind every new twist and turn?

Stay tuned, Pumpkins, for the next episode of Another Restless World As It Turns Searching For Tomorrow.

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