Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Dysfunctional R Us

Our beloved industry has been subject to considerable fear mongering of late. There is considerable concern that our regulatory apparatchiks in the great province of Ontario believe the travel biz is in disarray. My dear Pumpkins… nothing could be further from the truth. Fear not… the travel industry is unfolding as it should, or as one of my army intimates might put it (as he catches his sated breath), ‘Situation Normal, All F***ed Up.’

Judging by the vitriolic responses to a recent Open Jaw article, there’s a lot of passion out there about the makeup and management of the Ontario regulator. But, darlings… these outpourings of passion… they too shall pass…. they always do.

Take comfort in the fact that other recent developments indicate we’re where we always have been and where we always are heading…

Cases in point:

  • There wasn’t much passion at this year’s ACTA AGM, where a good time was had by few. Disarray? I think not.
  • Agents are making a comeback, but online booking is more popular than ever.
  • Eustache says book now or forever stay in a three-star. Fontenla-Novoa sees ‘a lot of pain’ this winter.
  • Some pundits say the ‘year of the deal’ is over, others say 2010 will bring yet more wrapped gifts.
  • The NHL season is beginning with the Jetz sports charters having been settled between the leaders of the free world. And, the Leafs beat the Stanley Cup champs in the pre-season… not to worry… it won’t last.

You don’t detect any disarray here, do you Pumpkins?

One thing isn’t up for dispute: the travel industry is the only place to seek your fame and fortune. Of course you know this already, or you wouldn’t be privy to my priceless pontifical pearls.

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