Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Rave On!

Holy baloney, Pumpkins! Have you ever seen such vitriol? Such fury? And I’m not talking about Brent Carnegie’s temper tantrums about being booted off his stage this season. (It’s not pretty, folks. Apparently he is so distraught about not hobnobbing with the Hollies or the Monkees or something, he keeps moshing music clubs and trying to take over the microphone.)

As sad as that is, I’m talking about the no holds barred, gloves are off, name calling between ARTA and ACTA and their supporters. There is a war of words taking place right on this website, the likes of which I haven’t seen since…since, my last column.

To be fair, ACTA and ARTA themselves have not engaged in any actual name calling. They only speak in acronyms  – so they have to resort to alphabet calling. Allow me to translate: BYIOB means “Bruce, you ignorant overbearing buffoonâ€.  And, ABOOBY  means “A bunch of obtuse bureaucratic  yahoosâ€. It takes some practice to read between the lines, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

Those of you with full mastery of tasteless name calling have been much more pointed. Here are a few choice words from comments on a recent Open Jaw article:

From “Cherylâ€: He [Bishins] is not even a Canadian, though he pretends to be (someone should check his Visa). After C-STAR failed and he took a lot travel agents money for doing nothing or selling things that are free he is trying to start a new scam to rip off agencies by creating ARTA Canada. Why won’t he and his henchmen at HTT just go away already.

Now that’s what I call a well substantiated argument. Who exactly did what to whom is unknown, but by golly, the man isn’t even Canadian. Sarah Palin, is that you?

Some responses from “Allanâ€: Can you and Donovan tell us just what ACTA is proposing? ACTA, now there’s a scam. Wake up girl! Go grind your axe somewhere else. ACTA is an association run by ACTA officials for the benefit of ACTA officials. ACTA: first to complain, last to offer any solution.

Wake up and smell the cappuccinos, people! No one is going to save anyone in this business. It’s up to us. And if you don’t like what ACTA & TICO are doing – stand up and say so at their AGMs. There were about 20 agents at the recent ACTA AGM! It’s easy to rant. In fact, it’s quite gratifying. With a few shooters under my belt, I can really let ‘em rip. But come morning the problem is still there.

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