Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Go's Got A Flair For Games

“Go Directly To Jail – Do not pass Go – Do not collect $200.†That was just the most devastating card to draw, wasn’t it? I loved stopping at Go and getting those 2 brown bills. I no longer cherish that word, Pumpkins. In fact, I find it to be the incarnation of all that is travel skullduggery and such.

Go Travel Direct is once again fully operational under the banner Go Travel South. Air is being pumped in by B.C. charter operator – Flair Air – which has been in operation about 2 years. The thing about it that really burns my rug is that just before Zoom Airlines went down, they loaned brother company, Go Travel Direct, $6 million. And not long after that, Go went. Despite the bankruptcy trustee’s efforts to recover the money – there is still no trace of it.

Now, I’ve never met the Flair Air fly boys, but according to a few pilot blogs, it seems like a good outfit. So what would possess them to a) trust Hugh Boyle to pay his bills b) decide to run their reputation through the tarmuck by associating with such a questionable operation as Go Travel.

Hey, I only ask the questions.

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