Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

That's What I Call Chutzpah

I tell you, Pumpkins, Porter’s Deluce must need a hoist for his wheel box. I haven’t seen cheek like that since my 300 pound cousin straddled the mechanical bull at her sweet sixteen.

First, he kicks Air Canada off the island. Then builds an airline partly funded by federal money awarded for breach of contract when they cancelled the bridge he was going to build. [I’ve got an idea for a bridge I could sell someone.]

Mind you, the airline is really quite remarkable. And that lounge! They keep insisting I board a plane when I hang out there all day. And I did not finish the stem ginger cookies.

So, anyway, now the government wants to pay for a tunnel to the island (I guess the bridge thing is kind of a sore point – so they’re moving it underground). To be fair, I should qualify and say that the funding is going to the TPA (Toronto Port Authority), not directly to Porter. But since Porter is the solitary tenant on the island, and plans to keep it that way … like my aunt Bertha used to say, if it walks like a duck…

Now here’s the kicker, if all this doesn’t reflect a certain aplomb, the TPA is announcing today it wants to appropriate Owen Sound’s airport designation — Billy Bishop Regional Airport. The TPA likes it. They are renaming Toronto Island Airport the Billy Bishop Memorial Airport. Owen Sound’s mayor responded by saying: “We’ll name ours the Toronto Island Airport, and we’ll wait and see what happens.†Not much, I  imagine.

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