Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Ship's Prey The Answer To Cougars' Prayers

A cougar cruise? Shuuut up! The cougar clubs, cougar shows, cougar dating sites and cougar competitions are in an absolute feline frenzy over it – circling and yowling and snarling themselves into a kitty snitty. And no wonder.

According to Ann Thomas of The Singles Travel Company, “We were surprised to discover that there has never been an International Cougar Cruise. Obviously this cruise is long overdue!â€

Never been an international cougar cruise? What about a domestic cougar cruise? We must have had one of those. Long overdue is quite the understatement, Ann. Thankfully, Carnival has stepped up to the litter box. Now there’s an entire cruise dedicated to botoxed old pussies chasing after young males with weaning issues. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Apparently cougars aren’t the only cruising predators. Carnival is also offering a vampire and werewolf sailing. They’re calling it a “Fangs n’ Fur†cruise. I’m thinking that title could work just as well on the cougars.

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