Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Here's The Latest Poop Scoop

Press releases are tricky. Make them too dry, and nobody prints them (unless you’re an advertiser, and that’s a whole other column). Make one little typo, and the Globe devotes half a page to it – and not in a good way. The Prime Minister’s office added an innocent “u†to the word “Iqaluit†(writing “Iqualuitâ€) and by doing so, informed the people of Nunavut Harper would be making several appearances in a “Place of Many Excrement-Covered Bottomsâ€. In Inuktitut, the typo actually implies there are so many unclean derrieres, the speaker is rather surprised about it. No doubt.

After years in the biz, you develop a nose for press releases. Among the many received here at Open Jaw on Monday, one was from ASTA claiming our business is not going to the dogs. Their survey reveals that customers rarely stray – with retention by travel agents hovering around 80%. It also provides insights into how agents can collar more. Another was from ACTA, endorsing a cat and dog neutering program.

Sit. Stay.

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