Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Things Have Gone Too Far

OK, we have gender profiling, racial profiling, profile profiling, and now airport personnel are going to run around detecting “behaviour.†Brilliant. I feel safer already. They should try detecting their own thieving, drug smuggling, biker gang baggage handlers. And stop confiscating my expensive jams out of my carry-on!

What exactly does behaviour profiling mean anyway? I have behaviour. Lots of it. Which part is going to set off some savvy 18 year old behaviour profiling genius’s alarm bells? The part where I scream at the duty free clerk for being out of Gucci 3 again. Or the part where I begin sliding off the bar stool waiting out the 3 hour delay.

They will apparently be looking for ‘physiological signs of hostile intent.’ Oh, like that didn’t trigger any action before? Some Joe’s running around being hostile and what? Did they just shrug and say “Oh, well, madam, we don’t have a behavioural profiling program at this airport, so there is nothing we can do.â€

Do our tax dollars pay for all this?

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