Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Someone’s Finally Putting Sex Back Into Travel

Seems Porter is expanding beyond their little propeller offerings. This morning’s Post says:

“the Toronto Island upstart is moving closer to an initial pubic offering as it ponders another aircraft purchase.†[quoted verbatim at 9:16am, 5AUG]

Throughout history, “pubic offerings†have been used to finance many schemes – it’s really nothing new. But as a means to purchase aircraft is rather innovative. I must say, I did not see that coming. And obviously, the Financial Post seems to think it’s a good idea. Times sure have changed.

It’s all so clear to me now. Sex and travel have always worked hand-in-hand. They belong together – officially united under a corporate umbrella. And someone has finally seized the opportunity. Booya to that.

Just goes to show you what a little ingenuity can accomplish. That Deluce. He may look innocuous – but he’s a sly little financier, eh Pumpkins? It’s was only a matter of time before someone put 2 and 2 together.

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