Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Livin' La VIA Loca

A dear Pumpkin has written in with a rather acute observation on VIA’s recent big ideas. (I looked up possible rhymes for VIA and got gonorrhea. Wait, I didn’t get gonorrhea. Holy Maria. The search results I got came up with it. Never mind. I went with “VIA’s ideasâ€. Not my best work.)

So they strike, right? Inconvenience a whole bunch of Canadians? There was not one car rental to be had anywhere. Buses were clogging city centres. And the airports were a mess. But forget those customers, they’re screwed anyway. VIA decides upon their return to reward all new bookings with a 60% Off promo — the announcement of which caused their phone and web systems to overload and shut down. Did anyone pass that one via the ‘hey, like, bad idea!’ detector? Apparently not, because they’ve now extended the offer “due to overwhelming responseâ€. Really.

I have an overwhelming response for VIA and it rhymes with diarrhea.

Then there’s the weather. Hopefully those of you in more civilized parts of the country are getting some sun. Over here in Hogtown, we’re up to our pits in garbage, it rains ALL THE TIME, and everyone’s depressed and ready to skip town on the next train outta here.

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