Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Should Babies Really Be Allowed To Fly?

Let’s face it, Pumpkins, those little creatures can’t lower their own
tray, they smell and they’re lousy conversationalists. Mostly, they scream and whine and carry on. I’ve been banned from entire airlines for less.
Exactly why babies get away with all of this is a mystery.

Babies burp, spit, drool and poop — all right in their seat. I ask you,
does that kind of decorum belong on a plane? And they’re fussy too. What have they got to complain about? Everyone caters to them hand and foot and
boob. They have 24 hr. access to a feeding spout. And complete strangers
behave like nincompoops for their amusement. If I had my favourite drink
just a tug away, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me, nosiree.

They’re also as grabby as a travel insurance salesman after 2 beers and a
par on the 7th hole. And, it is not cute when little Emily yanks my
Cartier hoops. Get your own.

Have I made my point about the goobery, incontinent little squawkers?
They’re such babies!

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