Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

To The Moon Alice!

Don’t you just love all the lunar landing hoopla? It’s so…moony. And isn’t that Buzz just the silver fox? I could get busy with a man called Buzz – we’re talking serious G-force. Ya baby. Fire up the thrusters.

So while I ponder the physics of this, that old saying keeps knocking around my head. (No, not once you go astronaut you never go back.) The other one. If they can send a man to the moon … what the heck’s been going on for the last forty years? Travel’s big fat invention since then is to load up charters going back and forth to the Caribbean. And apparently, we’re making a mess of that. Everyone’s penny pinching through winter. Consumers are complaining they don’t get their money’s worth. (Kapow! To the moon!) And credit card companies are holding us all for ransom because we keep going out of business.

I don’t know Pumpkins. Selling a product that everybody wants shouldn’t be rocket science.

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