Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Where Is The Other Shoe?

It’s so good to read all the passion in your little voices, dahrlings. I truly feel it – deep in my essential self. Now my loins are girded for the next step: action. I hate to say it, Pumpkins, but blah blah blah ain’t gonna pay the bills. Paul down there (whoever you are you fiery man, you) is right. The defeatist attitude in the voting booth is shameful.

Who’s going to step up to the plate and be our Obama?

July 15, 2009
Excuse me, dahrlings, but

Pass The Hot Potato

OK People! This is not a test! OK, it is a test, but it’s serious. United has pulled the plug on more agents and it’s time to take positions. Hanging around cleaning our golf balls is not going to make merchant fees disappear. Nobody wants them and airlines are actively looking for a safe disposal unit. United is slowly dumping them on agents to see what we do with their potato. So, Pumpkins, what do we do???

Shall I tell you a big fat dirty secret? A bubble-busting baloney-slicing bit of a reality check? Agents don’t move share. There. I’ve said it. You know it. The airlines know it. We all know it. And the truer that is, the more the airlines will call the shots.

Why do you think WestJet went down to 4%? At some point, an insightful shareholder asked management a simple question: “If Air Canada is paying “0†commission and getting the business, exactly why are we paying 9%?†A fair question, don’t you think?

So, my dear Pumpkins, you are, whether you know it or not, at a cross-roads. You can either decide to take matters in hand and move share – forcing the airlines to do your bidding. Or, you can keep letting things slide until you have no commission, are saddled with merchant fees you cannot possibly afford, and try to eke out a living with less and less gravy. Harsh? Not nearly as harsh as it will feel juggling it all.

Who wants to make mashed potatoes?

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