Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

We Want The Moose Back

I never thought I’d miss a moose. But the Mounties? Well pumpkins, that’s another story. When the Canadian Tourism Commission decided there was more to Canada than massive outcroppings, committee-designed swamp critters and dashing young men in red serge, this patriotic observer was willing to give it a go.

Maybe potential visitors really weren’t impressed by our scenic beauty (however magnificently mounted) and it was time for a change. But it seems we’ve gone from the bog to the blog. The CTC has sent out a pair of erstwhile reporters (one per official language of course) to comb the country in search of Tweet-worthy experiences. They’re shooting video, taking holiday snaps and chronicling their adventures on all manner of social media. The blog is titled…wait for it…’Canada is a big place.’

The project is part of the CTC’s big Locals Know campaign and it’s meant to inspire us to follow in the bloggers’ footsteps as they share their perceptions on our vast dominion.

I may have age and beauty on my side, but I’m still pretty jiggy with the Web 2.0 stuff. Without wanting to rain on somebody’s road trip, I wouldn’t advise placing your RRSP funds on shaky amateur camera work and dumb-downed twitterature, like ‘go girl’ and ‘go figure’, as the answer to boosting visitation to our many attractions.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee…you gorgeous big place you!

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