Clothes… Who Needs ‘em? Japan Airlines Will Fly and Dress Pax


It’s a common refrain that people hate to pack. Lug luggage. Pay baggage fees. Wait endlessly at a carousel for their unidentifiable black bag. Only to unpack creased briefs. Wilted silk. And leaky toiletries.

Enter Japan Airlines.

In a weighty move to address these common challenges, JAL has unpacked its revolutionary "Any Wear, Anywhere" program, designed to unburden travellers of having to worry about what to wear.

The initiative allows passengers flying to Japan to rent clothes at their destination, effectively eliminating the need for traditional packing, reports Japan Airlines. Ingenious.

Recognizing the hassle of cramming a multitude of outfits into suitcases, the "Any Wear, Anywhere" service provides a carefree alternative for passengers discomfited by such minutiae as clothes.

With a stylish range of clothing options spanning from smart casual to casual fits, and the added advantage of seasonal availability, travellers can now tailor their wardrobe to match their itinerary and weather conditions, of course.

The program offers packages starting at USD $39, encompassing three different tops and two bottoms which is intended to suffice for two weeks. (Seriously? Have they met a North American woman?)

To access the service, Japan Airlines passengers register online and provide their JAL flight and hotel information. The chosen clothing items will be seamlessly delivered to their accommodations upon arrival, sparing them any extra effort during their journey.

In an admirable nod to sustainability, Japan Airlines emphasizes that all clothing used in the "Any Wear, Anywhere" program will be sourced from excess stock or pre-owned items. By reducing the need for passengers to carry multiple outfits and promoting a circular fashion approach, the initiative aligns with the airline's commitment to creating more eco-conscious travel experiences.

The trial period for the "Any Wear, Anywhere" program is set to run until 31AUG, 2024.


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