NYC Restaurant Debuts World’s Most Expensive French Fries

Serendipity3's record-breaking truffle fries
The famous french fries, via @serendipity3nyc

At $200 an order, these fries must be made of gold, right? No, but they aren’t exactly your usual order from the ‘Golden Arches’ drive-thru, either.

Step on down to Manhattan’s Upper East Side where you’ll find a plate of french fries waiting for you at Serendipity 3 that will set you back two Benjamin Franklins.

The restaurant is no stranger to conspicuous consumption – literally.

It has previously laid claim to the most expensive burger at $295 and the most expensive ice cream sundae at $1000. Their latest Guinness World Record was made official on 13JUL, and the new heart-stoppingly expensive menu item was conceived as a way to welcome back diners and call attention to the city’s restaurant reopenings after the pandemic.

The Crème de la Crème Pommes Frites start out as Chipperbec potatoes. They are blanched in vinegar and champagne. Then they are fried in pure goose fat – twice – so they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

But that’s not all. The fries are then sprinkled with edible gold, truffle salt and truffle oil. Then the fries are displayed on a crystal plate, garnished with thin slices of actual truffle. The Mornay cheese dip is also infused with truffles, because – of course it is.

“Truffle is the main star here,” said corporate executive chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert to Reuters.

The chef’s heavy hand with the outrageous ingredients seems to be no ‘truffle’ for NYC diners – there is an eight to ten-week wait list for an order of the world’s priciest fries.

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