Four Men Ate Over 60 Pounds of Oranges in Under 30 Minutes to Avoid Airport Fees

We’ve heard of people wearing infinite layers of clothing to avoid paying for a checked bag, but this one takes the cake… er, orange.

Screenshot of a video showcasing one of the travellers who ate 30 kilograms of oranges in under 30 minutes.
Screenshot of a video showcasing one of the travellers who ate 60 pounds of oranges in under 30 minutes.

According to China’s Global Times, four men at an airport in Kunming, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, ate 66 pounds of oranges in under 30 minutes.

No, it wasn’t an eating competition. It was just to avoid excess baggage fees.

The four workmates had purchased a large box of oranges during a business trip in Kunming, but, when they tried to check in their bags for their flight home, the box of oranges was outside their baggage limit. The airport said it was going to charge them 10 yuan for each kilogram in shipping fees for the oranges, totaling 300 yuan ($46.38) in excess baggage fees.

This was, “more than they could afford,” one of the men told Global Times.

Unable to pay the fine and eager to still be able to enjoy their fruit, the colleagues decided to consume the entire crate of oranges.

They ate the oranges so quickly that they were done with the entire box in under 30 minutes.

“We just stood there and ate the whole thing up. It took about 20-30 minutes,” one of the four men told the Global Times.

“We never want to have any oranges again,” he added.

After the fact, the men weren’t peel-ing too well; the Global Times reported that they began to suffer from canker sores in their mouths after stuffing themselves with all of the fruit.

Well at least they should have gotten their daily dose of Vitamin C!

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