Finland Has a New Foodie Experience: Goose Dropping Beer

You read that right.

Clients who put local cuisine, recycling and sustainability at the top of their travel priorities will want to add Lahti, Finland to their bucket lists.

That’s because local microbrewery Ant Brew is helping clean up the city by harvesting goose droppings to produce a never-before-tasted beer called, “Wasted Potential Imperial Stout.”

You might call it ‘poo brew.’

And they don’t say what it tastes like, but they do reveal the motivation behind the genuinely one-of-a-kind beverage.

The beer is part of an eco-minded series by the brewery called “Wasted Potential.” It is one of three beers aimed at starting conversations around food waste, utilization of waste, urban farming, and local and wild food among beer enthusiasts.

The inspiration came from earlier this year, when Lahti was named the European Green Capital of 2021 by the European Commission, for recycling 99 per cent of household waste.

They may have picked up the number one spot, but they’re picking up number two in the park.

The droppings are harvested from local parks by volunteers, and sterilized before being used to flavour malt in the beer brewing process.

Now, the parks are cleaner, and there are new beverages to drink while enjoying them – a perfect example of hitting two birds with one stone.

Some of Ant Brew's brew selection, including “Wasted Potential Imperial Stout.”
Some of Ant Brew’s brew selection, including “Wasted Potential Imperial Stout.”

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