Unleash the Wonders of Europe with ACV

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

When it comes to planning your client’s next European vacation, Air Canada Vacations is the ultimate one-stop-shop.

From the sun-soaked coastlines of Greece to the vibrant cities of Florence and Lisbon, Air Canada Vacations’ Europe portfolio bundles more than 100 package options in 15 countries and 21 destinations across the continent.

Along with Tour Packages which offer a variety of land, rail and self-drive vacations, Air Canada Vacations offers Cruise Packages and Flight & Hotel Packages. Regardless of the package your clients choose, they will receive Air Canada Vacations exclusive perks, including their first checked bag free and the opportunity to earn and redeem Aeroplan® points.

You and your clients have peace of mind with the biggest travel necessities taken care of, but also the flexibility to explore the best of Europe on their own terms. And now, the booking process is simpler than ever.

“We have simplified the Europe shopping experience for our travel advisors while providing diverse product offerings in various destinations,” says Marigold Frontuna, General Manager, Sales – Western Canada at Air Canada Vacations.

“For example, we have categorized our tour packages to suit several travel styles such as Fly & Drive, Island Hopping, Fly & Rail, Fly & Cruise, Guided Tours, and so much more.”

Don’t get these pre-planned packages confused with group coach tours

An Air Canada Vacations tour is a comprehensive air plus land or cruise package designed to offer travellers a hassle-free and convenient way to explore their destination, tailored to suit different interests and budgets. But don’t get these pre-planned packages confused with group coach tours.

“A traditional coach tour is with a large pullman bus with the same group of people travelling together on a tight schedule. That’s not the experience offered by Air Canada Vacations,” says Erminia Nigro, General Manager, Ontario, Air Canada Vacations.

“With Air Canada Vacations, we offer two types of tours: Independent Tours and Escorted Tours. Neither are done with a pullman bus, but with train service or a car rental.”

Independent Tours—also known as Fly & Rail or Fly & Drive—are pre-determined itineraries with hotels, transportation and excursions or meal services included during the trip. Travellers are able to spend their time as they please in each city. Air Canada Vacations provides either one visit, an excursion or a hop-on hop-off ticket with their program to ensure travellers can experience the destination at its best.

Escorted Tours—Fly & Train—include the benefits of a guide who accompanies travellers throughout the itinerary. Clients take the train to move from one destination to the next.

With any of the mix’n match options, your clients enjoy expertly-crafted packages with all the details taken care of, including:

  • Round-trip flights
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • More Moments* activities and excursions
  • Airport and train station transfers (select packages only)
  • Local flights (on select packages)
  • Airport and train station transfers (on select packages)
  • Train transportation (on select packages)
  • Car rental (on select packages)
  • Free first checked bag: Per person and to any destination
  • Aeroplan® points: Earn and redeem when you book a package

“Our pre-packaged tours include More Moments, which are extra added benefits that include excursions or activities at a destination that are pre-booked and already included in the package. For those looking for a complete customized itinerary, our dynamic packaging offers plenty of options for air, hotel and car rentals, which are all commissionable,” adds Frontuna.

Regardless of the package your clients choose, they will receive Air Canada Vacations exclusive perks, including their first checked bag free and the opportunity to earn and redeem Aeroplan® points.

Europe’s Quintessential Quartet

“The appetite for travel continues to increase and Europe is one of the destinations that’s in high demand for travellers,” says Frontuna. “Booking in advance is key to ensure you are securing the dates you want for your vacation while giving you the most options for accommodations.”

Here are Air Canada Vacations’ four flagship destinations: Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Marvel at the Magic of Greece

Air Canada Vacations’ Greece tour packages mix historical and cultural experiences with plenty of leisure time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Greece.

History buffs can explore archaeological sites in places like Olympia and Delphi on Air Canada Vacations’ seven-night guided Historical Greece tour. For guests who want to spend some time on the glittering Adriatic waters, they can purchase the spectacular 14-day land-and-cruise combo, Gems of Greece, or island-hop on the Best of Greece tour.

Besides these known and loved tours, Air Canada Vacations has introduced the new Seaside Escape at Dreams Corfu Resort & Spa tour that partners with a leading resort brand, AMR Collection, and includes roundtrip flight transfers from Athens to Corfu.

“With this new package, we’ve provided travellers with two choices. They can select a package of seven nights with the flight, transfers (by air to island) and hotel. Or, they can choose to book just their hotel directly with Air Canada Vacations, which allows them to stay more or less than seven nights—and make their own arrangements to get to the island,” says Nigro.

Soak in the Splendour of Italy

From the top-selling Best of Amalfi Coast tour to the seven-night Wonders of Italy, Air Canada Vacations has options for every type of adventurer, from the passionate pasta-eater to the thrill-seeking Vespa rider. There’s also the Seaside Escape at Hotel la Darsena beach holiday package, perfect for customers who want to experience the UNESCO-recognized Amalfi Coast on a budget.

But wait – there’s a new Italy tour vying for your clients’ attention: the seven-night Train & Trattoria.

“This package is a City Break. Clients sleep in Rome for seven nights, but venture to three different cities or towns with the train to visit and experience an authentic local meal. The three visits are Florence, Orvieto and Sperlonga. They stay in each city for a full day at their leisure. The advantage of this tour is that it can be booked up to three days prior to departure,” says Nigro.

Witness the Wonders of Spain

From the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the sun-kissed beaches of Costa del Sol, Spain is a land of contrasts, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern trends.

Your guests can discover the best of Spain with Air Canada Vacations’ top-selling tours, such as the Cobblestone Streets and Sandy Beaches experience that takes them from Barcelona to Madrid to the sunny Costa del Sol on an 11-night adventure. For a deeper exploration of Spain’s two behemoth cities, Barcelona and Madrid, your clients should opt for the eight-night Hola Barcelona and Madrid tour.

Bask in the Beauty of Portugal

This small country packs a big punch. Whether exploring Portugal’s quaint towns, hiking through rugged terrain, or simply enjoying a glass of port as the sun sets over the horizon, your clients will leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and eager to return.

Air Canada Vacations’ Portugal North To South experience is an 11-night itinerary that stops in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. Or, imagine zipping through the Portuguese countryside, from lively Lisbon to Baroque Porto, religious Fátima and medieval Évora–that’s all part of the seven-night Highlights of Portugal tour.

BONUS: Indulge in the Allure of Ireland

Get ready for an adventure like no other exploring the rugged beauty of Ireland’s Atlantic Way.

Your clients can wind their way along the country’s most stunning coastal route with Air Canada Vacations’ 10-night Wild Atlantic Way tour. From the buzzing city of Dublin to the charming seaside towns of Galway and Donegal, clients will discover the warmth and hospitality of the Irish, indulge in local cuisine and immerse themselves in the country’s rich history and culture.

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