What Is Sensory Hospitality?

A world of aromas, textures, birds & jungles inviting guests to take a pause

For the sensory deprived over the past two years, The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences offers a sensual awakening that makes for a truly unique, vibrant vacation in the Riviera Maya. With its signature All Senses Inclusive guest experience and carefully curated sensory touches, the AAA Four Diamond hotel knows just how to envelop your clients in blissful comfort.

Infinity Pool at The Fives

Indulgence for All Your Senses

The Fives Beach Hotel–an all-inclusive property named for the five human senses–combines all the amenities of a luxury hotel with an array of sensory experiences that help guests feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

“People on vacation take a long time to get into leisure mode because they’re so accustomed to rushing. Our property has lots of little areas and spaces where you’re invited to take a moment, take a breath and really experience that location through your five senses. We are constantly inviting you to be present in the moment and take it all in through your senses,” Sandor Winkler, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Fives Hotels & Residences, tells Open Jaw.

We don’t want you to just taste food, we want you to touch food. We don’t want you to just see the landscape, we want you to smell the landscape.

Casa de Rosa restaurant
Casa de Rosa Restaurant

The All Senses Inclusive concept has two focuses: one centred on sensory experiences throughout the resort and the other on mindfulness.

Whether it’s the susurration of waves, the hoots of resident monkeys, or the peaceful quiet of luxury suites, guests will find just the right soundtrack to fit their vacation.

From beach to bar, the 662-room resort is dotted with delightful touches at every turn–some as subtle as a light aroma in the lobby, others as pronounced as textured bed linens. Small but considerate details like scented sachets in suite closets or aromatherapy components in signature drinks make the resort experience unlike any other. Even in the restaurants, varied temperature components make eating a culinary adventure all on its own.

Couple walking through a cenote

Throughout the property, creative visuals tell a story and show off the physical features of  space–and at the centre is a natural cenote.

“Stop and take in the scent of the natural cenote, with its fragrance of orchids and earthy forest. Feel the texture of the warm humidity. See the toucans and monkeys. We can almost guaranteed your clients will enjoy fascinating animals while strolling along the cenote path,” Winkler says.

With 23 restaurants and bars, eight outdoor pools, and a semi-private sandy beach, the vast resort allows your clients to experience a private vacation, with plenty of room to roam, relax and play.

“We don’t have the saturation that you might have at another resort. We are nestled in between jungle and the beach, and we’re pretty spread out,” Winkler says.

“We have much more ‘cool’ space than a normal resort. Even when we’re at 90 per cent capacity, it doesn’t feel like we’re at the brim.”

Tap Into Your Sixth Sense: Joy

As the newest sensory focus for The Fives, the sense of joy can mean many different things to different people. It can mean taking a break from the nine-to-five grind, toes in the sand and margarita in hand. For others, it’s about improving mental health and mindfulness. Or, eager to make up for time lost, it can mean reconnecting with family and friends.

Wine tasting

“This is the sense you feel when everything falls into place, when the experience from your five senses is pleasant, not just for yourself, but also for your family and friends that you brought to the resort. To us, that’s what the sense of joy is all about,” says Winkler.

To take the vacation experience up a notch, guests are invited to indulge in The Fives’ premium service, EPIC Enclave. Available only to EPIC Residences guests, the package includes an exclusive pool area, daily activities and amenities including mixology demonstrations and gourmet bites.

Designing a resort experience around the five senses creates a more profound, memorable and meaningful vacation experience for your clients. Simply put, it just makes sense!


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