The Sound of Wedding Bells

Lots to love at The Fives

Weddings are sensory-rich experiences all on their own, but often the sense of stress prevails over the hectic planning phase. The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences is focused on bringing in good vibes only with reliable and experienced planners, delectable cuisine options and spectacular indoor and outdoor venues for all wedding affairs.

As much as 40 per cent of The Fives’ volume is wedding parties. The brand certainly knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect happily ever after.

“We have a great reputation for weddings. If you talk to travel agents in the segment, they’ll tell you that we’re one of the top products for it,” says Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Fives Hotels & Residences, Sandor Winkler.

We have a strict limit of no more than 2 weddings a day but we try to keep to one wedding a day.

“We have a strict limit of no more than 2 weddings a day but we try to keep to one wedding a day. Our services are focused on making those events very, very special, and the market has recognized us for it. The fact that we’re a resort that has something for all interest groups, all ages, is very popular with brides.”

Besides the convenient one, two and three-bedroom suites to accommodate a couple’s entire wedding party, the AAA Four Diamond resort’s chic and stylish venues are the perfect setting for storybook celebrations in the Riviera Maya.

Venues can accommodate up to 200 people and be set up in an array of configurations, making them fit the style, scale, or budget of any wedding party, ceremony, cocktail receptions, or rehearsal dinner.

Your clients can celebrate in The Fives Salon, a lovely ballroom for up to 140 wedding guests. The popular Zky Bar is the place to celebrate under the stars and over incredible views of the Caribbean Sea and Cozumel.

Or they can choose the balmy beachfront gazebo, a romantic outdoor setting with a wood decked reception area that holds up to 100 guests, while smaller wedding parties of up to 36 people can be accommodated on a palapa on the sea pier gazebo that sits over the Caribbean Sea.

Wedding planning: Go from tricky to breezy

The Fives’ wedding app allows brides and grooms along with the help of their travel advisor to make the most important decisions of their life at their own pace. They can choose everything from meal options to colour palettes with the brand’s All Senses Weddings platform.

“We recognized a long time ago that one of the real stress points in the wedding business is that in the modern world, a lot of brides don’t have the time to take a three-hour planning call. They’re busy people. The wedding planner technology that we developed here in-house allows the bride to do a lot of the wedding planning and check out the options on her own time, and then work with the wedding planner when it comes down to the final decisions,” Winkler says.

As a resort that focuses on an All Senses Included experience for its guests, The Fives brings weddings to life, where the smallest details make the biggest impacts.


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