For Nature-Focused Clients Who Also Enjoy Fine Cuisine

A philosophy of plant-based sustainability from design to cuisine to resort experiences

Within the world of luxury resorts, it has become a trend to place a greater emphasis on sustainability. At Palmaïa, The House of AïA, “going green” isn’t just a fad, but both a vision and a mission.

Eolo Beach Club Environmental and sustainability considerations permeate the property down to its very core, from luxurious all-vegan suites and fully plant-based restaurants, to a no-plastic bottle rule and deliberate eco-design of the resort.

Vegan travellers may have found it challenging to hunt down appetizing plant-based food options during travels. But at Palmaïa, they can rest easy knowing there’s a cornucopia of nutrient-dense, diverse and truly animal-free offerings. All four on-site restaurants (and one food truck) serve fully plant-based menus with a focus on local ingredients, making it simple to eat sustainably while away from home:

  • Traditional Mexican flavours stand out at the fine-dining restaurant, Lek.
  • Mar de Olivo redefines Mediterranean cooking by fusing it with traditional elements.
  • A laidback Caribbean vibe takes over at Su Casa, serving international fare right on the beach.
  • Ume puts a twist on Asian dishes, fusing elements of Thai and contemporary cuisine.
  • Winner of the LA Vegan Taco competition in 2018, Charly’s Vegan Tacos Pop-Up Food Truck has occasional residency at Palmaïa and is a big hit with flexitarians.

Charly's Vegan Tacos food truckAnd the icing on the (vegan) cake? All meals are included in a guest’s stay as part of Palmaïa’s “Gifting Lifestyle” philosophy.

“Being healthy doesn’t just come from yoga or meditation, it also comes from what you eat. That’s why our chef is always looking to find the freshest and best-quality ingredients, either locally or further away in Mexico. He prioritizes using local food – that’s very important to him. It’s all part of maintaining a high quality of food,” Karen Collado, Sales Director at Palmaïa, The House of AïA, says.

Guests can savour meals such as soy-marinated, watermelon poke bowl, smoked-carrot toast, and the Palmaïa burger with sweet potato fries. Carrot bread

The House of AïA is truly a vegan paradise—but while animal-based food options take a slight step back, they’re not non-existent. Proteins are always available as add-ons. Restaurants also cater to food sensitivities and specific dietary needs—like lactose intolerant or gluten free diets—and premium drinks like coconut water, iced tea and kombucha are available in the mini-bar.

There’s a lot to dish about on the food front, but a commitment to veganism goes beyond what’s on the plate. Guests—vegan or otherwise—can take stock in knowing their modern suites are completely free of animal products and by-products. That means no leather, no feather bedding, no animal-tested bathroom amenities.

All of Palmaïa’s 234  Oceanfront Suites—shared among seven, four-story buildings—have private terraces on all levels, and a combination of spaces fit for families, couples or groups. Ground-level suites boast swim-out access to an infinity pool, while others open up to sweeping views of the sea or are comfortably nestled among the ocean-side mangroves. There are also two jacuzzi-style plunge pools chiseled into the rocks and two pool bars for guests to enjoy.

King Suite with swim out pool

Great care has been taken to safeguard the property’s natural landscape during construction. For example, the resort preserved the dense mangrove ecosystem and works hard to protect its namesake, the palma chît. Climate conscious travellers can rest easy, knowing the eco-resort is doing everything it can to ensure their vacation is producing the lowest environmental footprint possible.

With goals to become one of the first carbon-neutral resorts in the world, The House of AïA takes great pride in the fact that it already uses 50 per cent less energy than the average resort (balance is important, so don’t worry—air-conditioning is still used keep guests cool and comfortable on hot days).

Another part of Palmaïa’s commitment to the planet includes no single-use plastic on the property. Suite amenities are refillable, vegan and biodegradable.

“That’s one of our biggest sustainability practices. It’s hard not to have single-use plastics, but we do everything we can in order to help the planet,” says Collado.

Palmaïa’s founder and visionary, Alexander Ferri, says he intentionally designed the resort to be a gathering point for unconventional thinkers and spiritual seekers. This dedication is reflected in many of the resort’s offerings, and it’s clear that Palmaïa and raucous spring breakers are as far away from each other as vegans and rib-eye. Rather, the House of AïA is a protected enclave for individuals striving to improve their health, proponents of sustainability and families who want to reconnect with nature.

“There is a large market for us in Canada, from vegans, wellness seekers and people interested in the Architects of Life program,” Collado says.

Jungle path throughout the resort

Between the sustainability focus and personalized service, the emphasis on wellness and mindfulness, your client will truly feel like they’re entering a comforting, inclusive tropical sanctuary—and it’s a far cry from the couch they’ve been working from for the last 18 months…in a great way.


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