A Sandbox Of Fun!

Children's programs dipped in nature

Happy kids make for a happy family vacation.  And what better way to ensure that a client’s kids are happy than by encouraging their curiosity, sense of fun and discovery at Palmaïa’s lovingly-created kids’ club?

Welcome to Awen, the resort’s children’s center, an extension of Palmaïa’s commitment to wellness and care of the future of the planet and its citizens.

Awen, children's program

Although the program is designed for the resort’s youngest guests (aged 3 to 12), it reflects the same attention to meaningful and transformative experiences that all guests enjoy.

Palmaïa bases its cutting-edge activity program on the ethos and model of Waldorf education, centered around children’s spirituality, morals, creativity, intellect, and development of the psychological, physical and spiritual child. children making art with vegetables in the sand

As a holistic child centre, Awen operates under the caring leadership of Laura Diaz, certified in Waldorf education, and her team of qualified childcare professionals. The mix of indoor and outdoor activities has been designed with children’s energies and curiosities in mind. And a child’s natural rhythms – eating, sleeping and play time – are integrated into the pattern of the day.

Activities are age-appropriate and as diverse as planting herb gardens, treasure hunting, baking bread, sand drawing and more.  But – and this is one of the reasons why Awen is so transformative for children – it’s a device-free area.

Even better? While the children are exploring to their hearts content at Awen, parents can relax, refresh, reconnect in the many ways Palmaïa makes possible.

In order to help parents better understand Waldorf, Palmaïa hosts talks to help them implement some of the Waldorf philosophies at home. Some parents have become so engaged and delighted by the Waldorf approach to education that some, at vacation’s end, have transferred their kids to the local Waldorf school.

Ocean Front Family King Suite
Ocean Front Family King Suite

When it comes to accommodation for families, and in keeping with its thoughtful and inclusive welcome, Palmaïa offers 90 centrally-located suites designed specifically for them. Guests can choose Swim Out or Ocean Front Master Family Suites or Ocean Front Family King Suites – all situated near the Kids’ Mini Aqua Park and the Su Casa Restaurant.


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