At Xcaret, It’s All Included – Even The Adventure!

Guests “don’t have to spend a single penny” after arriving

The ease, comfort and convenience of all-inclusive resorts is already a hit with Canadian travellers. But Hotel Xcaret Mexico, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, bumps it up a notch with its exclusive “all-fun inclusive” vacation concept.

This innovative package goes well beyond what is expected from a premium all-inclusive offering. Besides airport transfers, drinks and dining included in a stay at the lavish resort, Hotel Xcaret Mexico guests also get unlimited fun, with full access to parent company Grupo Xcaret’s nine immersive theme parks and tours located throughout the Riviera Maya.

Hotel Xcaret

What’s more, guests benefit from complimentary ground transportation between each of the parks and tours, and food and drinks are included according to the meal plan of each attraction (except at Xenses, which does not have a food and beverage outlet).

“Grupo Xcaret is trying to expand the all-inclusive experience beyond the hotel itself,” says Ana Ramirez Herrera, Director of Sales USA. 

“The idea is to offer a product that is an all-inclusive hotel, but that’s not limited to the property. With transfers to and from the airport also included, the idea is that guests don’t have to spend a single penny after they land in the Riviera Maya.”

Geographically, Grupo Xcaret covers a wide area. Three of the parks — Xplor, Xplor Fuego and Xenses – are located within the expansive Hotel Xcaret Mexico grounds. A shuttle departs the property every 30 minutes and makes a circuit stopping at each of the parks.

With the park experiences embedded in the Grupo Xcaret DNA, the “all-fun-inclusive” concept caters to those seeking outdoor excitement unlike any other. Each park and tour shows off Mexico’s natural world in its own unique way, bringing guests closer to Mexico, the surrounding natural beauty, and their own wild side.

Guests can enjoy mystical cave expeditions, cenote exploration, river tours, zipline circuits through fire and more. 

“With so much to choose from, the options of the parks and activities depend on the family and what they want to do,” says Herrera. “We have a very strong repeat rate.”

It’s immersive, it’s exciting, it’s different and it sure delivers a bang for your buck. With some park entrance fees costing upwards of $100 per person, guests staying at Hotel Xcaret Mexico are getting a great deal.

Here are some highlights of the experiences:

Xcaret (no reservations required)


This eco-archaeological park is Grupo Xcaret’s largest attraction and easily one of the top Playa del Carmen activities for the entire family. It features a wide range of natural elements, such as underground rivers, Mayan ruins and fascinating wildlife. 

“The idea in this park is to celebrate Mexico and Mexicanity. The biggest highlight is the night show, where you can see the traditions, dances and outfits from the different regions of Mexico. It’s like a dancing show that transports you back in time and shows you the history of Mexico throughout the centuries,” says Herrera. Visit the Xcaret website.

Xel-Ha (reservations required)

With Xel-Ha meaning “where the water is born,” this park will keep aquaphiles entertained for hours, with opportunities for snorkeling in mangrove-rich waters and swimming among tropical fish.

Xplor & Xplor Fuego (no reservations required)

Xplor Fuego

Guests reveal their inner “xplorers” as they zipline over trees, explore caves full of stalactites and stalagmites, and maneuver ATVs along suspension bridges.

With all that and more, it’s no wonder Herrera said this is her favourite Grupo Xcaret park experience, especially the night experience when Xplor transforms into Xplor Fuego. 

“It turns into a completely different experience when it becomes dark. The idea is to make you feel like you’re inside a volcano. They change the lighting, effects and the decorations to make it feel like you’re going through a lava river.” Visit the Xplor & Xplor Fuego websites.

Xoximilco (reservations required)

There ain’t no party like a Mexican party, especially when you’re savouring Mexican delicacies and tequila aboard a traditional “trajinera” – a decorated raft travelling through canals — to the beat of a mariachi band and the flash of traditional dancing. Visit the Xoximilco website.

Xenses (no reservations required)

This half-day adventure park features sense-themed activities and optical illusions like a ‘xensatorium’ where you walk through total darkness, a backwards town and a fluorescent river. Visit the Xenses website.


Xavage, a 57-acre thrill park made with adrenaline junkies in mind, is the company’s newest attraction, having debuted in APR 2019. It has an ATV obstacle course, high-speed jet boat rides, ziplines, rope circuits and kayaking to appease a guest’s wild side. The park also offers the only white-water rapids in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Visit the Xavage website.

Xenotes Park Tour

Xenotes Park Tour (reservations required)

This tour visits four different cenotes where guests can rappel to an underground oasis, admire the underwater gardens, interact with nature and go cliff jumping. Visit the Xenotes Park Tour website.

Xichen Park Tour (reservations required)

Xichen is a full-day excursion voyaging to the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá and the colonial city of Valladolid. 

And the good times keep going and growing. Every future park and tour slated to open by Grupo Xcaret will automatically be included to the Hotel Xcaret Mexico “all-fun-inclusive” experience. Visit the Xichen Park Tour website.

Xibalba – referring to the Mayan underworld – will be the newest addition, expected to open near Valladolid this year. Xibalba will offer access to an incredible labyrinth of caves and cenotes that lie deep in the limestone landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula.

For clients looking for that perfect combination of carefree mirth, glorious natural surroundings and cultural exchange, they can have it all with Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s “all-fun-inclusive” philosophy, where all the details are taken care of and all that’s left is the fun. 



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