U.S. Extends Land Border Closure For Another Month

US border to remain closed due to delta variant

The United States government has unilaterally extended its land border closure with Canada for at least another month.

The current closure was set to expire on Saturday, 21AUG but was widely expected to be rolled over as it has been monthly, while the U.S. confronts surging case numbers of COVID-19.

News came in the form of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security tweet, explaining the extension is meant to reduce the spread of the virus, particularly the delta variant.

The border closure affects land (and ferry) entries only. Air travel to the U.S. from Canada has not been closed throughout the pandemic.

Today’s land border closure extension comes as Canada has permitted fully vaccinated Americans to enter Canada without quarantine by air or land or sea since 09AUG.

And it comes following word that the Biden White House is considering a phased reopening of its borders, beginning with fully-vaccinated arrivals, as Canada and other countries have been doing.

But in recent days, U.S. government officials had dashed any hopes that new border regulations would launch anytime soon.  There are some indications that it may be SEP.

In any case, many Canadians fear their ‘mixed vaccine’ status will not be recognized by any new American border regulations, as CDC guidelines currently do not accept combination vaccine protocols that include AstraZeneca.

Today’s border closure extension is scheduled to expire 21SEP.

Lynn Elmhirst

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  • 20.08.21 at 1:28 pm

    Makes absolutely no sense!!
    Forcing us to fly to Seattle to go on a cruise on September 24.
    Who are you trying to protect if we are fully vaccinated?
    Stupid anti-vaccinators and ant maskers.

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