Reflections On A Difficult Year

Nina Slawek, President, Open Jaw.
Nina Slawek, President, Open Jaw.

One year ago you worked day and night to bring your clients home. Our businesses came to a standstill and millions in commissions flew away as airlines didn’t.

But we stood firmly behind the ‘we’re all in this together’ banner, confident that in a few months things would come back to a semblance of normalcy.

That was one year ago.

On March 11, the anniversary that the novel coronavirus pandemic was declared by WHO, there are no medals being handed out; no trumpets will sound for those infected while saving others; and no one will be court martialled for going out in public without a mask.

But as we sit at home in our ever tighter yoga pants, perhaps we can take a moment to reach out to a travel friend who lost their job; an agent who’s struggling with depression after months of lonely lockdown; or give a mental hug to all affected by a microscopic glob of spike-studded evil.

You can’t unsee that image.

However, there is now a vaccine – at least that’s the rumour. By fall, Canadians will be inoculated. Phones will ring and planes will fly.

But nothing will ever be the same. Each one of us has been scarred in some way.

One thing I do know. The minute we get back on a plane, doing what we love best, what attracted us to this business. We will forget.

— Nina Slawek, President, Open Jaw

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