CDC Says No Travel Even with Vax. Airlines Have Something to Say About That

Vaccination.Travellers and the industry have been holding out hope that COVID vaccinations would permit the resumption of travel. The CDC put a damper on that when it advised that fully-vaccinated people should still avoid travel.

America’s airline industry is pushing back.

Airlines For America, a trade association representing the nation’s major airlines and of which Air Canada is an associate member, says that being on a plane poses a low risk of coronavirus infection because of heavily-filtered air and federally-mandated mask wearing.

The head scratching came after the CDC said those who are vaccinated can meet with others who are vaccinated and even with low-risk people who aren’t vaccinated – and yet are advising they should still avoid travel.

An unnamed airline source has told CNN that it is demanding the CDC publicly release the criteria it will use to adjust travel guidance.

Health experts in the U.S. are concerned that spring break travel will lead to more COVID infections and there are signs that people are on the move.

The Transportation Security Administration screened nearly 1.3 million travellers at the nation’s airports on Sunday, the highest total since 03JAN.

“Every time there’s a surge in travel, we have a surge in cases in this country,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told CNN.

In Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada has issued no guidance on whether it is safe for vaccinated Canadians to travel abroad. The federal government still advises against all non-essential travel outside of the country and its testing and quarantine rules remain in effect.

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